Our unique offering is based on our understanding of the marine environment and the demands it places on people and equipment in achieving successful subsea cable installation. We provide a range of services at all stages of a given project from design through installation to operation. We offer professional expertise and experience as well as an in-depth knowledge of the product to be installed, the operating environment and the assets or equipment required for success.

We offer a broad range of marine services underlined by professionalism, quality, reliability, experience and expertise. We are a flexible company, never complacent, and constantly strive to succeed on behalf of our clients in a safe yet cost effective manner.

Our Approach

We pride ourselves on being independent and flexible, offering solutions based on individual projects whilst constantly challenging industry norms to provide the optimum conditions for success. We therefore look at each project in isolation and bring a solution that is specific and bespoke to the given situation. Our independence allows us to support our extensive in-house capabilities with supplementary resources such as people, vessels or equipment on a bespoke basis, tailoring the combination to meet the demands of each project or client. This independence and flexibility ensures we are adaptable and innovative at all times.

Quality, Health and Safety and Environment

At every stage of our approach we ensure that quality, health and safety and environmental management are never compromised. CAOMM is committed to provide and maintain the highest level of safety and a healthy environment at all times, hence preventing occupational accidents, injuries, illnesses or unnecessary environmental damage.

HSE Goals for Every Project

  • No LTI (Lost Time Injury)
  • Maintain accident-free environment
  • Zero environmental damage

CAOMM is about quality and success. We derive a high level of satisfaction from meeting and exceeding client expectations. Our quality focus means we will not overcommit ourselves because client satisfaction is our top priority. We provide a unique personal service: from the top down, we are an approachable friendly team.

Any interaction with our clients is important and that process has to be enthused with our personality, it’s part of our ethos and what makes us different.